barcelona vs real El clasico

More than 400 million viewers around the world follow the Spanish League El Clasico. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most anticipated sporting events worldwide

The El Classico is televised to more than 150 countries in 5 continents

We provide VIP boxes with live streaming of the games – a unique and customizable space, where you can enjoy the game as well as the party.

It is the perfect place to feel the thrill of the game and to have a close-up look of the real stars of the game: the players

Except matches of F. C. Barcelona – Real Madrid, you can book tickets for matches of these two clubs with other teams of the Highest League of the Spanish World Cup

Match Barcelona - Real Madrid          To book the ticket for El Clásico          Match-FC.BARCELONA-vs-REAL-MADRID          F.C.BARCELONA-vs-REAL-MADRID          STARS-OF-WORLD-SOCCER.jpg